I will start with the fact that Jesus Christ is an imaginary character of Jewish people. Jews with the cross of Christ crossed out Balts cosmic energy signs, which our ancestors had created 10 000 years before Anno Domini!

If we compare the infinity of the Universe to 1 year, then a person on Earth occupies only a y part of a 10-24 second, therefore all the gods and religions are comparable to fairy tales in order to gain the power over the masses of people.

For that matter, we the Balts in the Balts States, Latvia and Lithuania, should be the first countries that start counting the time from the beginning, cast aside 20 years of war, centuries of starvation and sickness, creating a new time reference point for Latvians and Lithuanians the world!
BALTU ZĪMES | SENIE RAKSTI The religion of Balts was characterized by the future. One of the examples is Etruscan fortune tellers, who predicted that their civilization will end at the beginning of our era, as it happened. The Etruscan civilization vanished between the people of Italy one hundred years after the Punic Wars. A prediction in the belt of Lielvarde was written that all the Balts temples will fall under the sign of the cross. This prophecy could be questioned, but it is confirmed by the action of the Balts priests, when they decided to accept Latin faith.
The Balts are not characterized by the formation of aggressive military empires, but by acting together and helping each other. The Phoenicians and Etruscans co-operated in the Punic Wars, there was also mutual support of the Thracians and the Daks in the south. Although they are not big events, they show the co-operation of the brothers.
As books, as well as history and maps provide a lot of information about a specific period of time. Maps reveal the exact location for different hydronyms and place names. Given that we do not have precise information about when the names of rivers, lakes, mountains, cities and other places have been created, therefore it is not possible to know everything in the history of science. The flow of time only rarely leaves reliable reference to places and things, and less often to names of places and things. A large vocabulary is left for linguists, which most often include ancient names, but can not be labeled for a specific period of time. Judging by the archeology, the race and culture have been homogeneous in prehistory, which prevailed before our era. Mixed races and people began to develop only in the last 3000 years. The ancestors of Balts started to name things in proper words, but many of them were replaced by the names of new nations or transformed. No less important is the fact that the influence of Balts nations has been to all continents and has had a significant impact on the development and growth of all nations.

Mara’s Wave 
The symbol of water and sea life. The sign symbolizes Mara, which is also known as black snake.

The Cross of Fire
Also thunder, happiness cross, which attracts happiness, energy, fire, thunder, wind and sun. Strong and popular sign across the world. It is used in times of combat.

The Cross of Mara
Also the cross of crosses – fire. Associated with fire. It is the sign of Laima and love. It protects from evil spirits.

Sign of the SunSymbolises eternal motion and power of life. Protects the generation and brings God’s blessing.

Cross of the Moon
The Moon-the protector of the people and helper in night campaigns and deeds, which are connected to the Moon phase calendar. The sign is associated with agriculture cult. Growing and decrescent moon is also the symbol of life and destruction.

The broom of Laima. Needle
The symbol of World tree. Indicates Laima, the goddess of destiny. Sweeps away the bad information. Also ”the evil’s eyes” actions. Needle – also the symbol of World tree. It is not a sign, but an ornament, which is based on the sign of Mara.

The sign of Martins
Represents water, harvest, fertility and wealth.

jana zime
The sign of Janis
The symbol of strength, activity and fertility. Also displays the Sun, its apex above the Earth.

The Usinsh
Protects livestock, especially horses. The sign symbolizes the light of the god Usinsh horses, cabbies of the Sun. Brings luck upon the road.

The sign of Jumis
It comes from the cross of God. It brings fertility, gives blessing and energy. The sign of Jumis on the rooftop brings fertility and prosperity.

Tree of Austra, also tree of the SunAlso garden, well of happiness. Protects the generation and family. Connects with God, gives strength and advise. The trustee of fire and home.

Sign of the Star, also Auseklis
Most basic form is a cross. It protects from evil. Auseklis is a symbol of the Morning Star, which symbolises the victory of light over darkness.


At the moment Balts – Latvians and Lithuanians – have adopted foreign religions, faiths and celebrates foreign holidays!

Latvia and Lithuania for the exchange of goods uses our traitor imposed foreign currency. We have allowed to join our territory to a new union with only 47,8% of the right to vote support or 33,7% of the population, and we have opened our country’s borders!

With a slogan ”Russians are coming” we have allowed terrorists N1-USA-troop units in our country, we take part in foreign wars and listen to misinformation provided by television about a neighboring country, their threat of invasion and believe everything that the politicians say.

While we will not have our currency and banks, while we will deploy troops of foreign countries because of made up country’s security threats, while we will allow members of the Communist party in our government, we cannot talk about sovereign and independent Latvia!

Cast aside 20 years of war and hundreds of years of delusion, and start counting the time from the beginning!!!
We should present Latvia for its centennial with a new anthem – Saule, Perkons, Daugava!
We should leave NATO and European Union and create new currency “LAITS“, which is the only one able to unite countries across the World under the name “TERRA“.


I do not need a dream castle

And do not need real pearls

All this we have for long time ago

Father, give me a lifelong wisdom

That we can start again

And I’ll be the bridge of light

From the start to the Star

Between the hope and darkness

From the Universe to Earth

From your own Knight’s Hill

Where you were born

To our Mukusala

And the needles fame

Between the books and life

Between the faith and gold

Between the king and slave

And five big ends

From Slowness to a new one

Between the one that gives and takes

Like the white language of the genes

What is in Rainis’ holy work

From Amen-Ra through Fink

On stones in time be free

When Nature has been asked to speak again

Without stops nor rushes

Becomes truthful in dedication

Who gives me the school of life

Like a huge apology

To whom a study I give myself

Will know about the history and wars

About the long years of darkness power

What has been taken to mankind

As almost golden journey has been walked

As dawn before the sunset

Till now only a notion

What a man has learned so long ago

But the pyramid’s eye

Does not raise it to the light yet

Like the light of the sun’ wind

On the mountain of Glass on the horse saddle

All of us will be invited into our home

And the bluish pink reins of Balts will pass

Who locks the hearts in minds

So true the stars in your sky

Those white will bring the happiness to us

For this I leave my Stone’s head

And with my lean Raystar’s hands

I can grip the whole Earth

Then you can scold me if you want

And you can dissolve me in your thoughts

It seems that you, Balts, want to stand

But maybe forever crawl on knees!?!

Riga, 11.9.11. | Raimonds Akmens






  • Further on the reflection in the orbit of the solar wind ray with further regeneration over the surface of the water pipes, similar to fiber optical cables, with lenses, mirrors, prisms getting from the heat of light, electricity, day light, hot water and surface for cooking. 

  • The creation of the new calendar in the Baltics and the World, casting aside 20 centuries from the birth of a Jewish God Jesus Christ.
    In the calendar years are counted starting from September 11th – the birthday of Rainis.
    September 11th is the 254th day after Gregorian calendar (255th day n the long year)). By the end of the year there are 111 days left, the same as on our Light of Castle built in remembrance of Rainis!
    September 11 is the first day in Alexandrian and Ethiopian calendars.
    This day is also known as 9/11, when the United States destroyed their own twin Towers.
    On the one side of the ground nuts, on the other side – chestnuts. In 2017, the construction of Z-towers will be completed in Riga.
    he World has a choice: New calendar – ANNO DOMINI II or WW III.

  • For Latvia and Lithuania – the Balts reunification under one flag for the existence of Balts.

  • In more details about the Baltic Balts Bank with a new currency LATS+LAITS=LAITS (as light) as the only payment method in the World.

  • Creation of a New World with the name TERRA.
    Following my idea, there is a book with a similar name  RAYSTAR OF TERRA – about the last human baby on Earth.
  • My opinion about the narrow gauge railway = Rail Baltica, militarized, politically financial project for the transport of heavy goods with a severe consequences for the Baltic States economy, fauna and territory as a whole without economical benefit for Baltic States.
    Instead of Rail Baltica, we should start negotiations with Eurasian countries about the construction of a high speed magnetic railway of one track, Portugal-Spain-France-Germany-Poland-Lithuania-Latvia-Russia-Kazakhstan-China-Japan, at 40-60m above and 700km /h speed.
    Implementation of RAIL BALTICA should be allowed only with the National Referendum!

  • The technology 5G of the data transfer is capable of providing data transfer rate of 10 Gbit/s, which can replace both terrestrial TV and optical cable networks that provide 5x lower data transfer rates.
    Therefore, if we leave more than one mobile operator in Latvia, Balts States and the Baltics, they will leave us in poverty while competing with each other.
    The BITE operator alone can provide a complete range of telecommunication service for just 5 EUR if it is the only telecommunication operator in Baltic States with the new 5G network.
    I will also mention the fact that the effects of high frequency on the human genome will only be visible in the next generations, people will lose their immunity, there will be a mutation. We have at least 5 telecommunication operators, which bump the harmful effect of high frequency on the environment five times. You can ask more questions through email, we will try to convince you with Christopher Busby. I am a telecommunication engineer and programmer, therefore I know a lot starting from modulation of frequency and discrete information to discrete mathematics and getting information from the computer by using, for example, Kaspersky Antivirus and Windows OS. You can also get acquainted with my Curriculum Vitae. .

  • JKP (the new party of conservatives) opposed the gambling in Riga, which I already talked about in 2011. All gambling places should be combined into one and be built as a twin brother to The Light of Castle with the name ”The Hill of Glass” at Tvaika street 1 with a view to its sister.
    Victory Monument to Soviet Union should also be moved to Tvaika street.
    In the Victory Park we should open a free pool, which will remind of tears that the mothers cried.

  • For several years I have been telling people about information system, which provides secure election results. This electoral system is the basis of a democratic state administration with an abandonment of Parliament, since people can initiate laws and vote for them together. We can name the Parliament of Latvia as a LEGAL HOUSE – one law, one right! In order for politicians to have their own corner, similar as communists called Riga Castle as Pioneer’s Palace, we can call Riga Castle as POLITICIANS’ CASTLE.

  • The new party of conservatives (Jaunā konservatīvā partija) wants to introduce free public transport in Riga. I already supported that idea in 2007, when I returned from Microsoft in Estonia. E-ticket is the true violation of human rights, since all the personal e-tickets are tied to public transport stops and an employee, who is not in the structures of the Ministry, can access sensitive information and give it to a third party. Furthermore, the police chief has not only legitimized the e-ticket, but also supports and appoints police man to catch those without tickets.
    Nevertheless, the maintenance of e-tickets raises the cost of fare twice!

  • In order to encourage re-emigration, municipalities should buy old houses and build multi-storey residential buildings, which families will be able to buy at the cost price. Therefore, we will also populate. The only thing is that this project is not compatible with gambling places on every corner. Can you imagine, how many people have ended their lives because of gambling, how many families have been ruined, how many thefts and murders have happened, bankruptcy, insolvency, defamation, blackmails, robberies, imprisonments, depressions and disabilities?
    In the long term, the State suffers a much greater loss from gambling places than gain from them due to a fall in gross product, which leads to suffering of other citizens, because taxes have to be raised, as for example, the Immovable Property Tax, since there are no one to pay!

  • While working in the IT structure of State institutions, I have noticed that each ministry has created a unions of relatives, friends and acquaintances, even if the person does not have the qualification needed for the job, or the job is not even necessary at all! Therefore, I believe that the ministries should be merged and the number of employees should be reduced by at least a third. At the same time, a law should be adopted in a referendum that the communists cannot work in the Government institutions and in Government at all.

  • For example, a 9 storey building with 180 apartments are paying 3000 euros per month for the internet and TV. Together they are overpaying 20 times until they are not united and do not receive a single service.

  • Did you know that, after having installed Kaspersky Antivirus on each computer in the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Latvia, all the information from documents and e-mails was available in Moscow, Russian special services!?

  • The current government is not able to do it, but professional, well-trained lawyers could achieve the key principle of previously taken home loans in the ”rich years”, when everyone thought and hoped for market survival, bought apartments two to three times more expensive, but now they will have to pay until the end of their lives. This can be achieved, by the Government, by specifying that, if the creditor bank does not agree to the new rules, the bank must leave Latvia.

  • On September 20 in 2003 a referendum took place in Latvia in order to gain membership in the EU. Citizens were asked the question, “Do you support Latvia’s membership in the European Union?”. Against joining were invited to vote ASDLP, LSP and “Eurosceptics“.

    Because 995 085 valid election envelopes were received in the 8th Government elections in 2002, at least 497 543 voters had to participate and vote for Latvia’s membership in the EU.

    In fact, 33,7% of the population or 47,8% of the population entitled to vote voted for joining the European Union.

    In order for a sovereign country to join any union at least 51% of the population entitled to vote has to support the vote, otherwise it should not be defined as a willingness of people, but as a business project of the Government  – without the referendum to give up Latvia’s currency Lats Lats, liquidating the National Bank and again executing foreigner decisions as in times of USSR.

    The results of the referendum

    71,5% voters participated in the referendum. “For” voted 676 700 (67,0%) and ” against” voted 325 980 (32,3%).