WordPress services of SEO

Sure, nowadays promoting your services online is the fastest and most effective way!

You can use the popular advertising portal SS.lv If you sell only one item, but if you own a business, which sells more than one service and product, then from the paid advertisement way the Google AdWords are the most effective one.

Although Google AdWords ad campaigns are not a cheap way of advertising, it can reach the price of two euros per click in the territory of Latvia, but with right Google AdWords configuration, you have a guaranteed ad on the first page of Google  and partner search websites.

In order to optimize your AdWord ad, you must choose the territory of your ad coverage, language, the days and time of ad appearance. In order for your advertisement to be effective, you need to include the correct links on the page, phone number, address, services and of course preferred and unwanted search keywords.

You can also get potential customers by advertising your services on social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Draugiem.lv.

You have the opportunity to place an ad on Facebook for a fee, which is targeted at a specific Facebook user group, selected by age, gender or geographical scope. In addition, you can apply your services to the relevant industry or ad group for free, thus gaining additional views to your website.

WordPress services of SEO

The best way to attract customers is to have an organic search engine indicator or a high quality SEO.

A high quality WordPress SEO service includes different SEO principles. They are related to Google’s robot’s algorithms by evaluating website quality and rank them accordingly – higher or lower in the search engine.

Online advertising is an increasingly competitive industry, therefore, when creating articles (texts) about your services or products, you need to meet the quality criteria of websites for Google in an exemplary manner.

However, as long as you learn the principles and tricks listed below, using them in practise, your position in the Google rank will be strong and will steadily climb up!

  • The optimal number of words in one article, depending on the competition and age of the website, is approx. 1500 words.
  • Take into account that the article should have headings of the paragraphs – tags H1, H2, H3.
  • To make the article more interesting for both – the robot and customers, make sure to add multiple links to other external resources such as Wikipedia, legislation, relevant popular articles in the press.
  • You SHOULD add images with an alternative titles with preferred keywords.
  • In the article you SHOULD include all the related services otherwise, if the potential customer searches in Google, for example, “fitness club”, but you have listed only “sports club”, you will never reach that client.
  • For my clients I offer to use YOAST SEO PREMIUM plugin (module) to optimize SEO for WordPress, which allows to add up to 5 additional keywords and automatic link redirection from the old link to the new one if it gets changed.
  • If your website and domain is relatively new, we recommend to attract additional traffic – website’s views from paid resources in order to fool the Google robot.
  • Of course, the key is the quality of the text, the time spend on your website by the reader, references to social networks (shares, links), and also the number of active links from other sources such as forums, catalogues, news portals!
  • Here you can buy permanent links to your website – www.fiverr.com, which will increase your website’s popularity and rating. Links are added to articles, social networks, but you can also post your own article.
  • When the article is written and hosted on the WordPress website, it is preferable to optimize the automatic name of this page, including a name which is focused on the service.
  • Be sure to write an original (without copy&paste) Meta Description in order for the article to be more attractive to the Google robot. Include a brief description of your services and the address or phone number for faster communication.
  • When the article is ready and WordPress SEO is configured, use Goole Search Console to add your article instantly.
  • Do not forget that your site should have the option to share the article on social networks, print it, as well as the opportunity to send the article via email with a click of a button.
  • In order to see your site visit daily or weekly in your email, connect Google Analytics and set the frequency of receiving the reports.
  • To use Google services as effectively as possible (including SEO services), create your company’s page on the Google My Business!
  • If your website has reached the first page of Google search (examples I have developed: www.temida.lv , artgallery.lv), do not forget that your competitors also want to attract customers with the highest possible rank place in the search therefore, keep your information up to date and renew it regularly. For example, these can be news about related topics or current promotions. Note that republishing an article can have adversely effect on your website’s indexing number!
  • To make sure that the work for SEO is not vain, choose a reliable and fast hosting service provider. This will allow your page:
  • Load faster
  • Choose the highest version of PHP (7.x)
  • Compress website’s files on the server for faster processing time in the browser
  • Restore the website from BACK-UP
  • Use Antispam control options and Antivirus built-in solutions
  • Automatically install any website’s free engine
  • Set up email addresses, their autoresponders, spam control and forwarding.
  • Add WPSMUSH PRO plug-in to your website to process images for faster uploading.
  • Define the cache time for the images to speed up websites loading time
  • Do not forget to set up a text link – (permalink) to your article – it promotes the site’s rank and place in Google search.
  • An important role for a good and organic search results is a friendly domain name for SEO, which refers to your industry, place or products/services.
  • With Yoast SEO Premium you can add the SITEMAP xml for Google Search console in which you do not have to indicate elements such as author, news dates, media, FAQ, portfolio, sliders for indexing.
  • With the multilingual module org translation you have the option of adding a translation of your website’s name in all website’s languages without looking at the code.
  • In order to get your site to the highest rating level of Google robot, you need to install the Cache plugin, the ROCKET plugin will let you forget about the slow loading time of website and will make the experience of your website visitors more pleasant. Download the NULL version for free!
  • Further, you have to compress and optimize images for your website’s loading speed, the size of images can usually be optimized by about 50%. We recommend using the IMAGIFY WordPress plugin for this optimization.

Now that we have introduced you to the basic principles of SEO creation, you can start the creation and optimization of your website! But if you do not have the time to do it yourself, we will be happy to help you attract more customers!